We Are ONLY Human…


Only is the key word.

ONLY human…

This isn’t going to be a “easy read” blog. I was going to start off by apologizing for blogging so much of recent, but I thought no. Why should I apologize for sharing the Word and wanting you guys to be blessed?

So it’s Saturday morning and God is just telling me about myself.

Fear and Worry are siblings. Their mother is Pride and their father is Satan.

As humans most everything we do comes from the striving to be “like god”. Self discovery, self exploration, self growth, knowing all, being in control of everything around us, being socially excepted by our peers, climbing the social ladder to get higher and be higher. We bask in our achievements. We live beyond our means to create an image. We try to appear better than we are. Always wanting to be on top. Whether you like it or not, WE ARE ALL PROUD.

I was listening to a sermon on humility by Pastor Mark Driscoll and he broke it down like this: The first sin in the bible was in Genesis. Satan told Adam and Eve “if you eat from this fruit, you will be like GOD having the knowledge of good and evil.” Every other sin after that whether hate, lust, greed, murder, lying, stealing, fornication is as a result of PRIDE.

You wanna know why God hates pride so much? Because it is anti-Christ. GOD in His speldour, and honor, and majesty, and grace, and magnificence HUMBLED HIMSELF to come and dwell with us and redeem us and en-caged and encapsulated  Himself in the very DUST He created. Who are we to ever dare try to be proud if our Father showed us the perfect example of humility. GOD served US. He gave up everything for US! HUMILITY AND SERVICE!! Yet through our twisted culture and perverse generation pride has become strength and humility, weakness…God have mercy!

How many of us even honestly do things for people anymore? You can be nodding your head, but doing something innately because of where that person can take you is not humility OR service. This brings me to the issue of fear and worry; I said at the top that their mother is pride. Worry is saying:

“I’m not sure if you can do this you know.”

“I doubt you can come through.”

“Let me start trying to make things work just in case”…

Worry will lead you into fear. The bible tells us we should be anxious for NOTHING. He takes care of the sparrows, and He will take care of us…think about it. The GOD we had the power to become a man to save us, and we’re worrying that He hasn’t adequately planne dour future………………sounds silly now doesn’t it? If you behave yourself wisely, you have nothing to worry about. Take for example if you budget, and spend wisely, and you still can’t make ends meet, you won’t be “worried” because you know you’ve been a good steward of your money, and God will provide. If you spend frivolously, that is folly. Foolishness and worry are best friends lol…

Where does the pride kick in? HUMBLE YOURSELF! Stop trying to do things in your own strength and might and intellect.  Let GOD teach you wisdom, HIS wisdom! Submit your every to HIM! Stop trying to play God…you’re doing a horrible job at it. Thing is, we’re created in His image and Likeness so we also have the gift to create, but we’ve taken that to both wrong extremes. We use our gift of creation to either create false persona’s and live a lie because we think the person God created isn’t good enough OR we use our gift of creation to re-create and emulate  falsehood.

Guys: Whether in worry or fear or just more obvious forms of pride…let’s humble ourselves and take it to the cross so God can rid us off it.

After all, we are ONLY human, but HE is GOD!!!!! Trust Him…if you don’t know how, He can teach you…

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