Rejoicing in prayer

Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice! (1 Chronicles 16:10 ESV)

Lessons from my devotion this morning:

Sometimes when we’re seeking God for something, we are almost depressed and take an approach that’s more like lamenting or begging than rejoicing!

We are all guilty of this; we set aside time to seek God’s face and immediately the praise and joy from communion with our Father disappears from our prayers. Our prayers take the tone of trying to convince a boss to let you have that week off work instead of (for example) lovingly seeking to know everything about your husband or boyfriend (wife or girlfriend) because you love them so much, you want to know their heart.

What is sorrowful about searching the heart of our great God?

What is depressing about seeking His presence and will?

Why Does our fear of hearing a “no” change our approach?

I believe this is a great indication of how we see God. If we honestly see Him as our loving Father and gracious God, there will always be joy in approaching Him. If we see Him how we’ve experienced our earthly parents or bosses or people in authority, then we will struggle to approach Him with love and joy when we have requests.

Entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise is not only for coming to church, it’s about everything we do!

Let the hearts of those who seek The Lord rejoice!!!

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