My “Life” Progress Report

Well good day everyone 🙂

I’m blogging from Starbucks today, and I must say it’s quite therapeutic. I’ve got a few things to do, so I decided to try and get a more productive “work session” by getting out of my bedroom; I think it’s working haha.

So this week, I’m looking back on the posts from my “life” category to see how I’m doing this year.

My “life” posts this year have been

  1. Organise your life in one month
  2. Embrace your past
  3. How to rest without sleeping
  4. Passion and Procrastination
  5. 9 things I’ve learnt from being a pharmacy manager
  6. Friend-shift season
  • I must say, looking at my list, I’m quite pleased with myself. I took the decision to be more organised this year because in the past, I’ve been busy to the point of wearing myself out. Being so organised with my schedule has meant that I’ve been able to “schedule” in rest breaks and down time that I can look forward to, like me going on holiday this week *insert happy dance here*
  • On embracing my past, gosh I don’t think it’s ever possible to fully do this. I’ve found myself in so many situations this year where I’ve been forced to ask myself “why did I just do that?” or “why did I just treat someone like that” and upon honest reflection, I’ve found that I’m applying a prejudice from a past experience to my current situation that looks similar but isn’t the same.
  • A big part of me coping with my schedule has been to learn to rest without sleeping. I think the two things I’ve done the most this year in that list is “praying and journaling” and “worrying about what is in your power to control”. In fact, I think praying and journaling helps me let go and only worry about what is in my power to control. Science suggests that the brain uses about 20 -25% of our calorie intake a day, so no wonder we are so tired when we’re thinking too much. In order to maximise my energy levels, I’ve had to learn to turn off my mind and rest without sleeping.
  • The area that I’ve procrastinated the most this year would be in the first semester of my post-graduate diploma; 1, because I’m out of the routine of studying; 2, because coming home form work at 7:30, cooking and eating until 9pm means that by the time I could even sit down to study, it’s literally bed time. For my second semester, I’ve revamped my study schedule though. I’ve realised that studying during the weekdays is totally unrealistic, and Sunday Study Sessions at Starbucks will become a must for me. I’ve realigned my passion to be more practical, and I hope I’ll achieve better results going forward.
  • My job continues to challenge me in more ways that I can imagine to be a better person. There have been many days that I lay on my bed at night thinking “could I have done that better?” I’ll probably write another post about things I’ve learnt. I’m grateful for how I am growing as a person by being at my amazing branch.

I would say I’ve had a pretty succesful “life” this year, but it has taken years of getting it wrong to get the write balance. I could certainly do less, and that’s my goal going forward.

Have a crazy good week everyone!


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