My “God” Progress Report

I’m writing this having flown back from Barcelona this morning, and I feel so relaxed and refreshed. I had an amazing time; not only did I have an amazing break, I had an amazing time retreating with God.

Having said that, the posts that have come under my “God” section so far are

This year for me with God has been nothing short of amazing; I believe that this was my year to put in practise everything I’ve learnt over the past few years in my walk. I guess if I can sum up the year in a few words, it has been all about challenging my fears with my faith. It’s one thing to learn and grow, but it’s another thing to embrace the learning and growth and run with it. Over the years, God has really changed my mindset on so many things like my self esteem, and my faith, and this was my year to rest in the Lord.

It hasn’t always been easy, and there have been times when I have started slipping back into my old ways, but God quickly reminds me to renew my mind with scripture and everything He has said about me. What we have to remember is that most of us have spent more time not aligning our minds to Christ, than being aligned, so every day we are fighting habits that run deep. Not one day should pass where we don’t remind ourselves of the truth of scripture and challenge our environments to align with it.

God has taught me this year to be persistent in trials and to not lose sight of Him. My focus must be solely on His word, and not even my situation. He even showed me whilst on holiday that sometimes being consumed by a situation so much so that it becomes the object of our every prayer is not godly. Our focus should be on Him, His beauty, His glory, and His face. As we focus our prayers on heavenly things, the weight of our earthly things will diminish.

I have had to learn this year to be more intentional about my bible study time. I have learnt that one verse in the morning can give me all the fuel I need for the day; I don’t need to read and study for hours. I have learnt not to condemn myself for not being able to read chapters and chapters everyday; quality is better than quantity, but the desire to study more must be fed when the time arises. I have learnt that Christ’s love for me is crazier and bigger than I ever knew or imagined. I have learnt that I can totally rest in Him, and to “work” was never in His design for me; I must rest on Him unendingly.

I have hit my stride in my walk with God, and I am loving every second.

Have a great week everyone


19th October 2015 at 11:23 pm

I love this! Describes EXACTLY where I am now……. Are you sure you’re not me? 🙂

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