Mission Trip Diary – June 8th

Costa Rica has just been an amazing experience, like words cannot describe everything in my heart or the memories I’ll carry from this place throughout the rest of my life. I really encourage any and everyone who has an opportunity to do a mission trip to do one, whether in your own country or abroad.

Today we went Zip lining in the Costa Rican rain forest which was a breath taking experience. We climbed to the top of the mountains in the pictures, like literally climbed through streams and mountains and rocks up the side of the mountain to almost the peak, and zip lined down. The view was immense, to see God’s creation like that was awesome. We also found our that Costa Rica used to be underwater, but after the flood in the bible, it was pushed up from the water and the mountains have fossils all over them! There have even been shark and dinosaur teeth found in the Costa Rican Mountains.

I’ve loved sharing the gospel out here, it’s been truly amazing to build up confidence in that area to point where I believe I am fully confident in that area. It is something we all need to do as Christians. We must be confident in sharing our faith!

This trip has definitely impacted my life for better. I can see that i’ve starting to walk in my calling and truly accept what God has called me to be. Even though I’ve known it for so long, now I’ve actually embraced it and I’m walking in the fullness of the call, not in my own knowledge or intellect but in the grace and power of the Holy Spirit which feels so amazing! My confidence in Christ has just blossomed and I’m so grateful to God, words cannot describe!

I’ve made some amazing friends so far, and I can’t wait to see what the other weeks have in store. Bring on Alabama and Florida! (not holidays, more mission work lol)

FatmohnScoop 🙂


9th June 2012 at 12:55 pm

That is amazing! who did you contact to arrange the trip?

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