Why do I always attract crazy people!?

So if you follow me on social media (all the links are above and below), you may have seen that a few weeks ago, I got accepted onto a postgraduate clinical pharmacy diploma course (I’m a pharmacist by profession). As a result, I had to do an induction day yesterday (April 15th) and I travelled down to Lecister on an overnight stay trip so I wouldn’t be late on the morning of my induction. 

I managed to find a cheap hotel online (I mean cheap) and it didn’t bother me too much because it was only one night, and I literally only needed a bed, but when I checked in, an all too familiar occurance happened; a “weird” person found me. You know those people that put everyone in the room on edge and looking for the nearest exit? Yeah. And his room next door to mine, so there was no running. I greeted him and entered my room as soon as I could. 

The next morning, in the breakfast room, he was there again and asking me about his medication and telling me all about his past and his struggles and everyone else in the breakfast room was clearly uncomfortable as was I. You see, he was “weird” and he began openly talking about how he’s on medication to control his anger and it’s medication drug addicts use, so you can imagine how this was going down. 

Eventually I went outside to wait for my taxi, and he came outside to have a cigarette. As I saw him walking over to me again, in my heart I said “oh Lord, why does this always happen to me!?” You see, I can be anywhere and either a “weird” person or elderly person will just start talking to me. They usually end up having social issues or troubled pasts, and they just start talking! I’m never rude in my responses to them, but in my heart I always say “why always me!?”

This time, God gave me an answer; “because they can see and are drawn to my light in you.” 

Everything changed at that point and where I was previously “talking” to him, I now began to “engage” him. I now saw this opportunity as a way to spread God’s light and encourage him to keep going. He started telling me how he is homeless and is using the little money he has to stay at this cheap hotel so he isn’t on the streets. He told me about how he used to use drugs heavily but had a little boy and gave up drugs so he can try to be a better father. He told me how he struggles with his OCD and just wants to be ok. Suddenly he wasn’t weird anymore. He’s a human, just like me in need of the love of Christ! All my feelings of being uncomfortable went out of the window and I was flooded with Christ’s love and compassion for him. 

He eventually stopped talking and apologised for talking so much and went on his way. I only wish I had offered to pray for him. 

Going forward, I will always be grateful that Christ’s love radiates in me so much so that it draws those in need of His love to speak to me. He is doing the work of the sower & salvation that I can never do. He’s bringing “soil” to me so I can sow seed. (Matthew 13:1-9)

Going forward I will refuse to class these opportunities as a nuisance, but see them as a great opportunity to share Christ’s love. 

These people are not weird. They are humans in need of a Saviour and the love of Christ. So am I. 

I hope this blessed you…


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