The 5 Minute Prayer Challenge

Hey guys 🙂

First of all, it’s great to be back blogging after my recap month; Last month I shared the most visited posts in each category for my first year blog anniversary! Follow my Facebook page to keep up-to-date with posts like that

This month I’ve got a challenge for you all so I won’t be following my tradition “blog” format. April is all about “the 5 minute prayer challenge.”

A few months ago, whilst praying in my room, I got an idea to start a prayer journal and the reason was simple – as I committed things to God in prayer and wrote them in that journal, I was certain God would answer every one of my requests. Unfortunately, I haven’t been consistent with it, until just recently, when God really challenged me and gave me a new *simple* method that I’m so glad to be sharing with you guys today. I’m traditionally more of a “quick short prayers at various points during that day” person, which is great, but I really wanted to focus on persevering in prayer, which this method has really helped me with; so here we go

  1. Read your bible/ daily devotional as normal
  2. Pick one verse
  3. Turn that verse into a 5 minute (minimum) prayer
    • Set a timer for 5 minutes
    • Turn that verse into
      • a prayer of thankfulness
      • a prayer of repentance
      • a request/action point for the future
  4. Additional/advance steps: to challenge yourself more, increase the time by 5 minutes every week.

It really is that simple, and I can honestly say that in the week I’ve been doing it, initially I struggled with the 5 minutes, but now I go over it every day!

Here’s an example:


Thanksgiving: Thanking God for what he already has apportioned for me to have in my life time. Every tribe of Israel was given an inheritance that was enough for them; not too much, not too little.

Repentance: Repenting for mismanaging what he has already given me so far and for bad decisions that have either ended in debt or not having enough to put into the things God intended me to

Request/action point: That God will help me to obtain the inheritance he has for me, and to manage it correctly going forward. Where I’m not correctly aligned to his will in my mind, he will break down my incorrect thinking and change my heart.

(These points make more sense if read in context with the rest of the book of Joshua – Joshua is about the children of Israel finally inheriting the promised land, and the land being distributed according to God’s instructions) 

So to share my journey with you guys, all my posts this month will be sharing my prayer requests and motivating you guys to keep going. I’ll also be posting some prayer points on my Instagram and Facebook page so follow me to keep up-to-date!

Please share your testimonies and experiences with me as I’m sure there will be lots!


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