No Child Ever Died From Crying

Good to be back blogging, i’ve been on a break due to exams….

OK, where do I start this?

God allows things to happen for the strangest reasons…it’s so funny and frustrating though because while in it, we feel so helpless and get so caught up in every emotion running through our heads, and trying to figure out or even pray about what should be our next move. We often forget that your next move will be the right move because God is up to something; what He purposed for you to do, you will because He’s allowing this is happen to teach you something…

This leads me to my “No child ever died from crying” theory…

I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase, particularly if you are of African decent, in relation to childrens tantrums…but God showed me something today…

Being recently in the situation described above, I prayed and I cried and I took time out to figure out my head and everything else, to no avail. I begged God, quoted His word to Him i.e. scriptures like “No good thing will you with hold from your servant”, “You will guide my path”, etc…everything to make God tell me what it was that I wanted to hear….nothing….

I tried to forget about it, I tried the whole “guilt trip” thing on God: “God don’t you see me here in this state!? Can you not see I’m distraught!?”….nothing…

Today at work, God reminded me of this phrase… “No child ever died from crying!”

Essentially, what are doing in these times is “throwing a tantrum”…

We’re trying to get God to move and change His mind, or give or tell us something based on our “Crocodile tears”

We’re forgetting that God knows what is best, and knows why He’s not responding or “giving in” to our request…

if he was at our every beckon and call, we would be spoilt children…we’d never learn to trust Him, never learn to rely on Him, never learn to wait on Him, never grow up, and NEVER MATURE!….we’d be spoiled brats!

Not to say that every time you beg God for something you’re throwing a tantrum, but next time you decide to “fast and pray” and “cry” about something…stop and think, am I throwing a tantrum here!?

It just may be that in His silence He is perfecting His strength in you (2 Cor. 12:9), perfecting you (Jam. 1: 2-4), and He loves you enough not to spoil you…

You can still cry, but He won’t give in to your tantrum….He knows best, and No Child Ever Died From Crying…


gloria your favourite
14th June 2010 at 12:39 pm

So very very true.

Jumie George
14th June 2010 at 9:25 pm

Awesome…really makes one think.

7th September 2010 at 11:01 pm

Very blessed by the short yet powerful word. May God continue
His dealings in your lives.

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