My Health Progress Report

Well hello everyone 🙂

I was going to do a vlog this week, but I’m so tired and you can see it on my face, I decided to type instead lol

It’s getting closer to the end of the year; I’m still shocked that it’s October already(!), but I’m starting to look back on all the things I said I wanted to do this year, and seeing if I’ve done them. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge goal setter/planner, and I like to revisit my plans and see how I’m doing.

My blog was a really big thing that I wanted to do this year, and I’m so proud of myself for doing this and not missing a week to date (it’s ok to be proud of yourself; celebrate yourself). Anyway, my blog is so personal to me because it is my journey. The three most important categories in my life are my health, my life, and God, and I’m not only blogging about these things because I think it will make good reading, but because I’m sharing my world with you all; my personal struggles, experiences, and triumphs.

All that being said, I can’t check on my progress this year without reviewing what I’ve been blogging about, so for the month of October, I’m going to give you guys my personal progress reports on my health, my life, and God.


My health posts so far have been:

How have I done?

  • I still shop smartly, but there have been times when I haven’t and I’ve ended up spending twice as much as I intended to. I remember grocery shopping online one week and the amount of things on my shopping list actually came up to about £25, but because there was a £40 minimum spend, I had to buy more. This was a shock for me because I don’t recall every going to the grocery store and spending £25 haha. If I always religiously stuck to what was on my shopping list, I could probably have saved quite a bit of money this year.
  • Organic shopping is expensive, but I have stuck to this religiously; if there is an organic version of a product, I will buy it.
  • I drank more water, and then I stopped, and now I’m back on drinking more water. The most noticeable differences for me were in my hair, my headaches (which practically disappeared), and my energy levels. As soon as I stopped drinking enough water, my scalp became very dry and my hair started breaking, and I started getting more tension-like headaches. Within a week of increasing my water intake again, my headaches started to disappear. This is probably the smallest change I’ve made this year that’s had the biggest impact on my health!
  • Fitness – I’ve only posted one fitness blog this year, but I have still be working out at home. Again, this has been up and down, depending on how tired I am, but I’m trying. To be honest, this is probably the area where I need the most work; it’s hard to exercise with a busy life, but I’m determined to keep trying and I now actually have a new fitness regime!
  • Thankfully, I’ve been a low-stress person all year, and I have learned to control my stress levels. I can honestly say that this year, I haven’t had a major illness where in the past I have and that’s because I have better managed my stress levels this year.
  • Our diet has totally changed in my house, and that’s largely down to taking my health seriously. My parents even comment now if I give them a plate of food with no vegetables or side salad haha. Not to say I don’t like my trips to restaurants or occasionally eat out, but my diet is 20 times better than what it used to be

So why am I sharing all of this? Your health is a journey; sometimes it goes very well, and sometimes it doesn’t. I decided this year to do better, and for the most part I have, and sometimes I’ve been really bad but I keep working at it.

Don’t give up on your health goals! Slow and steady wins the race…


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