Mission Trip Diary – June 6th

June 6th

Today was really amazing, we started of the medical clinic with a great prayer and asked the Holy Spirit to continue to work through us as He had been doing, and we got to minister to depressed people who were in tears and in awe at the love and grace of God after. We have been able to minister to drug addicts, feed people who have no food whatsoever in their homes and really just spread hope for a hurting community. It has been awesome!

It’s so amazing how we take the NHS for granted. People come in with stage 3/4 Asthma who have never had an asthma inhaler in their life, or hypertension through the roof and have never received treatment. We really should be grateful for the country we live in. It’s not perfect, but we are much better off than those in other countries.

Doing so much evangelism here has really made me realise that we really don’t share the gospel in the UK, as in the true undefiled gospel. Out here we have these things called evangecubes and we talk people through the gospel with it. We start at the condition of man and how we are sinners unable of serving God or reaching His standards, how our hearts are desperately wicked so even if we tried to, we couldn’t reach God, and how our sin makes us deserving of hell and separates us indefinitely from God. We then go on to talk about the sacrifice and how Jesus took on our sin so we can take on His righteousness and how He is the only way through which we gain redemption. Church cannot save you, your works cannot save you, your prayers or religion cannot save you because your heart will still be desperately wicked and full of sin. We then extend to them the call of salvation, and it’s amazing how when you preach the true gospel people respond. Not a cushioned gospel that doesn’t talk about the condition of man, the character of God, the redemption of Christ, and the response of man.

I encourage you all during your evangelism to preach the gospel undefiled and watch God work and change lives!

FatmohnScoop 🙂

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