Mission Trip Diary – June 5th

June 5

Today a woman returned to the medical clinic with a huge smile on her face. After talking with her through a translator, we were able to establish that we had treated her the day before for arthritis. She said that for the first time in years she had slept throughout the night because her pain was gone due to the medicine we gave her, and with the biggest smile on her face and tears in her eyes, she said, “May God bless you!”

Some members of the medical team also were involved in washing feet during which the people would be crying and saying things like “you have taught me true humility today because of how you could wash my dirty feet.” One even said, “I’ve never seen love like this before.”

The smallest things we do can make the biggest differences. We need to remember that. Christ didn’t say we MUST give away £1,000,000 or live in a box on the side of the street to deny ourselves of life, He just said love everyone. Every Christian needs to find out what that means specifically to them and their individual walk. To some people it may mean doing mission trips like I have done, to others it just means always smiling…always. Whatever it means to you, do it with all your heart. Even if it costs you your heart, remember your reward is in heaven and not on this earth. In fact, if you never gain a reward on earth, your reward in heaven will be greater so take comfort in that!

We also got talking with one of our translators and his testimony is so powerful! He was brought up in a Mormon family and got saved when he was very young, but his family disowned him immediately meaning he was homeless for a while, and eventually he slept on someones living room floor for 2 years. Because of this, he had no communication whatsoever with his family for about 7 years, but he faithfully stayed committed to God and began serving as a missionary in Costa Rica. Eventually, God touched his family and they are all now saved, and his father died about 5 years ago a born again Christian.

For all of you believing God to save your families, keep going strong in the faith no matter what the cost is. Coming to Christ does not mean it will easy, in fact Jesus PROMISES us great suffering, hardships, and persecution but He also promised that through it all He will never leave or forsake us. Be of good cheer. Keep praying for the salvation of your family and take comfort in your salvation which also means you gain a new family in Christ!

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