Mission Trip Diary – June 3rd

Wow, I’m so tired as I’m writing this!

Today has been a busy, good time at church experiencing Costa Rican church. The thing I loved most was the service structure and singing of hymns. I LOVE hymns! Whether in English or in Spanish (as they sang), there’s something so pure and comforting about just having a good old Hymn session lol

Feeding homeless today almost brought me to tears. We went to one of the most dangerous parts of Costa Rica where prostitution, human and drug trafficking, drugs, and alcohol are rife, so because of this we were asked to remove all our jewelry, we weren’t allowed to have any cameras, and our game plan was tight. We were to file out of the bus single file, and stand boy – girl, boy – girl, with our backs against a wall and be ready with food in our hands to give. Once we finished distributing our food, the ladies had to immediately board the bus whilst the men waited.

Once the people started realizing we had food, they came quickly, these people genuinely need help! Some were so drunk or high that they were sleeping whilst standing, drooling, half naked, even aggressive. It wasn’t like England where you feed the homeless and you interact with them, this was more risky. We finally boarded the bus and as we drove through the rest of the city, my heart just broke. We were told that on the block we visited, around 3,000 people sleep on the road each day, and you could see it. It was like an episode out of a movie, we were truly in the slums. The only reason we were even stationed in that area was because there was a police station round the corner, so it made it somewhat safer, if not we wouldn’t have been there at all.

I love what the mission team told us though; many times we all look to do projects like feeding the homeless when we are abroad, but there are so many homeless people in the cities we live in. Why aren’t we doing it in our home towns? Are the people in our cities less deserving of charity? Why are we so quick to send money and donations to African countries or for relief of natural disasters that occur in developing countries, but when we see the homeless and beggars in our own towns, we just walk by?

Find out what you can do in your city for God and do it. You don’t have to be abroad to be a missionary, charity begins at home.


5th June 2012 at 12:32 am

Thank God for what He’s doing through you and the rest of the team. I pray for continuous wisdom, strength and protection for you all in Jesus name. Missing you loads! Love mum.

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