Mission Trip Diary – June 21

June 21st

Wow, God is so amazing!

So today we went out in our mission groups at camp, our group did community service in the morning, and vacation bible school in evening, but we got lost 3 times which meant we circled the church building we were staying at 4 times lol (bear in mind we had been at the location we were trying to find all week)…after being frustrated, we eventually found our way and started heading to the location, but we saw an inflated water slide and decided to stop incase there were kids there we could minister to. When we pulled up, a truck pulled in behind us and the team leaders spoke to them to ask what they were doing. It turned out that they had just finished a Christian camp there for youth and they were actually coming to dismantle and clean up the camp, so we offered to help. We tore down the stage and all the decorations in about an hour and cleaned the bathrooms and dorms at the camp, and the guy running the camp was literally in tears because he said it would have taken him a whole day to clean up the venue. As we started talking to the guy more, he began to share with us the adversities he had faced the week of his being his wife breaking her arm that week, and his car breaking down, and so much more. He had woken up in the morning wondering how he was going to get the camp cleaned up and how long it would take him, but God sent our group his way to help. It was so amazing to think that the location we had been going to for 3 days, we’d get lost going to on the 4th day, but to realise that it was God’s plan all along because if we had got to their camp location early, we wouldn’t have met anyone there and been able to help, was amazing.

The bible says God knows what we need before we pray and He always sends us help, and this testimony is a testament to that. If we work for the Lord faithfully, He will send us help when we need it. To thing the guy got to go home and care for his wife and even just rest after a hard week of camp was amazing.

Sometimes we get so frustrated when we’re stuck in traffic or miss our way. Next time, stop and think if it because God is saving you from something or stalling you so that you can be a blessing to someones life. We must trust in God’s sovereignty both in word and in deeds.

FatmohnScoop 🙂

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