Mission Trip Diary – June 19

June 19

This was an amazing day. Tonight we had something called a prayer concert which I am DEFINITELY going to bring back to the UK with me…The Levites312 prayer concert coming soon…but it was amazing to see kids on their faces in worship to the King. Kids were crying as God was working on their hearts and that was awesome. It’s my prayer now that the work Christ has started in camp will be fully completed and continue when they leave because it’s so easy to be “Christian” in a Christian environment where there are limited distractions, but the real test of a person’s faith is when they are in their natural environment and they are still able to embrace their faith.

We also got to visit this AWESOME kids orphanage that was just mind blowing beyond belief. I don’t even know how many acres of land it sits on, but it has a gym, a pond, a huge tree house, 4 cabins, a mini golf place, and a lake that is around 2 acres. It was started by a judge who started taking kids in, and now around 300 kids have passed through his house. What made it so awesome for me was that I have always had dreams of opening an orphanage like that, so seeing it live makes me know that it can be done and it isn’t just a random dream, which is encouraging and motivating.

This whole experience has been so amazing for me, to learn from people who are actually doing what I want to do with my life and experience the call that God has placed on my life has been amazing. I only have a few days left, but it has definitely been an experience of a life time and I am already planning my trip for next year 🙂

FatmohnScoop 🙂

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