Mission Trip Diary – June 18th

June 18

I haven’t blogged in a few days because we’ve been so busy and tired, but God has been truly amazing. We’ve started a new week of camp, but this one is totally different from the other one we did, including the fact that it is a totally different location. We’re more hands on this week, so everyday we’re in the community painting schools, painting the homes of people in the neighbourhood who are needy. There are also teams doing gardening in the community and it’s just so amazing to see 200 young people serving God in a city like this.

I just remembered a testimony I hadn’t shared yet though. Last week in Alabama, we visited a charity called mission of hope and I was asked to do the closing prayer, which I didn’t want to do. After I finished praying, the manager of the charity came up to me with tears in her eyes, and embracing me saying the prayer was exactly what she needed for strength to continue on serving as the charity director. It really touched me because sometimes we withhold our services and gifts because at that moment, WE don’t feel like serving, but in doing that we deny other people of their blessings. Really, it comes down to an issue of the heart being selfish in that moment, and it’s something we all do and need to pray about. We should always be ready to serve no matter what it costs us. Yes, there are times where we need to pray and ask God if we are taking on a long term position of serving to make sure it is in His will, but we should never shy away from our basic responsibility to serve the body of Christ around us because of any selfish reason.

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