Mission Trip Diary – June 10th – 14th

June 10

Today we started camp, and I must say, I’m quite excited!

I’ve never been to camp before, even as child and this time I’m starting off as a camp counsellor and it’s amazing to have a group of about 10 kids under me this week. I’ll be leading them in two bible studies a day and team activities to teach them about missions and preparing them to help serve in their communities as God requires of us.

We are in the woods, I mean deep woods! There are deer here, snakes and all sorts. No internet connection, no cell phone connection so we are really roughing it lol….luckily we have a cabin we’re staying in 🙂

I’m so excited to be able to have an impact on these peoples lives though! The longer I’m out here, the longer I’m realising this is what I want to do with my life. I just love serving people and seeing them grow in Christ!

June 11

Today was amazing. We did our first two group bible studies today and team building activities and they went great! It’s amazing to see these kids unfold at the sound of the gospel too. I had two kids in my group who didn’t say a word, literally, but now they’re talking and interacting with other kids which is great to see. I love that we as camp counsellors get to directly sow into these kids lives while teaching them how to sow into others lives because we truly are leading my example.

I’ve also learnt so much about the hosts I’m staying with. They give so much! And it’s awesome to serve them serving others. God is truly teaching me about a life of selflessness where He is our only reason and motive behind everything my head or heart even can dream. God is truly using this week to work on the selfish heart of my sinful nature so I can serve Him more. I haven’t rested in 2 weeks and I’m praying God will keep us going for Him!

June 12

I’m so overwhelmed by what God has been doing in my life this week. To see HIm truly cultivating a heart to serve continually is great, and I know it is a lesson I will carry with me for the rest of my life. God’s sovereignty in the children’s lives that I’m working with is amazing. Today I gave them a random quiz about the bible studies we’ve been having all week just to see if they have been listening, and it was amazing to hear their responses and know they had been listening was amazing. To see them grow and develop, and to have young people getting saved is just mind blowing. Please pray for the young people we have been working with this week at the camp, that God will continue to draw them to His side.

I also went fishing today for the first time AND I caught a fish! wooooooooooo lool

June 13

Today was amazing!!!! We got to go out to a food pantry and clothes closest and serve by putting in practise everything we’ve learnt. I was so excited to see the young people I’ve been working with so willing and excited to serve and share the gospel. We didn’t have to beg or drag them, they came up to us asking if we can go door to door and so eager to talk about Christ. To see the work that God is doing in their hearts is just so humbling and exciting at the same time! We also went to a local apartment complex and played with all the neighbourhood kids and sang songs with them whilst sharing the gospel, I pray that the seeds we have sown will continue to germinate and bear fruit.

June 14

Today will be the first semi day of rest we will have since the first, but even today it will be full of errands preparing for the next mission trip to Panama City, Florida. Today was emotional though, it was the last day of camp and to say goodbye to all the kids I have worked with all week was hard. I’ve grown to really love them and I was so blessed to be able to serve and teach them this week. I know God has started an amazing work in their lives and I will forever pray for them because I know God will continue to work on their hearts. It was humbling to get into some amazing conversations with people and share testimonies and encouragement, but also to see God changing the hearts of the young people I was leading. I will definitely keep in touch with them and will keep great memories in my heart. Ya’ll pray for us though, we tired!!! Lol, but we’re still going 🙂

FatmohnScoop 🙂

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