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This is the first week I’ve sat staring at my screen thinking what am I going to write? As I began to think about it more, I think I actually have writers block, but I know that only happens for me when there’s something that I haven’t processed fully, so I guess this week may turn out to be a little journal entry on my life this year.

This year has been filled with disappointments for me, but at the same time so many crazy highs; it’s truly been a rollercoaster. 

I’ve been so blessed by my career and the opportunities I’ve had this year. I manage an amazing branch, with amazing employees who have become great friends; I’ve had amazing side job opportunities fall on my lap, litterally, they have arrived in my email inbox; I’ve been able to grow a business from being in deficit last year, to making a huge proft – it’s been a crazy and emotional journey.

In my relationship, I’ve had amazing highs like being with an amazing guy and feeling absolutely loved and desired every step of the way, but in the same breathe I’ve had amazing disappointments in how the process is panning out, especially considering the cultural side of things, and what I thought the timescale of things might be.

In my friendships, I have experienced some great shifts, and now more than ever, I am so blessed to have the people I do around me; gosh, where would I be without my support system?

Spiritually, God has loved on me so much this year. It’s weird because I sat the other day thinking everything I’ve needed, God has given me this year; and I’m not only talking materially – EVERYTHING!

So I’m sitting here in a bit of a strange place. I’m so incredibly tired, but I’m so incredibly happy and I don’t think my brain can make sense of it. It has been a tough year with so many challenges, and I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it, and I’ve made it well. I’m sat here with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and peace, but at the same time tiredness. 

26 for me has meant hitting my stride; this year I hit my stride in life and it wasn’t without battles. I’ve had a great year, but nothing has come easily.

So I guess I’m writing all of this to say, please celebrate your journey this year. If you do nothing this month, celebrate your process. If this year has been as much as a rollercoaster for you as it has for me, then take some time to sit with a cup of tea and a notebook, and some tissues; cry it out an celebrate your successes!

I want to remind you all that you are amazing and the fact you made it this far means there is still greatness inside you, and you still have something to contribute to this earth.

So I guess I don’t have writers block anymore. I have done well this year, and today I will celebrate myself, I will celebrate God’s work in my life and His grace that has seen me through. 

Well done Fatmohn!

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