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So at the moment, I’m on this wisdom tip…it is mandatory for the very function of life!

Not only is it wise to be wise, it’s so fulfilling to know that with each day that goes by, you grow and learn…

Thinking about it, this also fits in with my theme of just “living” this year, and I’m sorry, you can’t live without growing…growth is life

3 reasons to increase in wisdom

  1. It’s wise lol
  2. (As a woman) In the bible, a good woman is described using the same phrase to describe wisdom; more precious than rubies. That for me means a good woman is like wisdom to her man….selah…(I’ve got a whole study on this, maybe I’ll paste it later lol)
  3. Come on…would you rather be foolish…?
  4. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain by becoming wiser

So, I’m going through the book of proverbs, reading some books, and listening to a few sermons, as much as possible, I’d like to share my journey with ya’ll…here it is so far:

  • Wisdom exists as part of a trinity: KnowledgeWisdom, and Understanding.
  • Knowledge is the start.
  • Wisdom is the application of knowledge.
  • Understanding is the revelation of Wisdom.
  • Here’s how it goes:
  • You know that two things put together make something bigger = knowledge.
  • 1+1 = 2 (the application of that principle) = Wisdom.
  • So then you think, if I take two things for what they are and their worth, and put them together, it will give me an added value of their “worths” i.e. 24.5 +16.2 = 40.7 = Understanding.
  • The bible says in Proverbs 24:3 that: By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established. This means that it take the simple application of the knowledge of the materials necessary to build a house, but in order to ESTABLISH it or MAXIMISE IT’S POTENTIAL, you must understand how each thing functions as a seperate entity, and add it all together, appreciate its joint value, (catch the revelation of it) to get the best of it as a whole…gerrit!?
  • Understanding is both a thought process and a choice

And this brings me to where I am at currently: this morning I read

“…but whoever listens to me [wisdom] will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm…Pro. 1:33”

My revelation (Understanding) of this verse is as follows:

  • If I embrace, pursue, learn, acquire, seek after, pay attention to, listen to wisdom, I don’t have to be afraid of getting hurt, because I will rest in the confidence that I behaved myself wisely, and did the right thing.
  • How does this apply to me? One thing in life I fear is marrying the wrong person. If I’m “listening” to wisdom, whether biblical, or aquired from my close friends and family, I don’t have to fear this, because resting on wisdom will put me in safety, I will be at ease, and I won’t fear….gerrit!?

So yea, join with me as I journey to wisdom…hopefully you’ll make the journey with me, or at least pick up a few stuff along the way 🙂

Oh yeah: go on my group (The Levites) youtube page….you might see something you like 🙂



20th March 2010 at 7:57 pm

interesantee 🙂

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