January Recap…

January was a very eventful month for most of the people I’ve spoken to….but I picked up a few wisdoms along the way..so this one is going to be short:

  • Frustration is the cancer of the mind….prevention is better than cure, and if left to grow and unattended, it will multiply and kill your potential
  • Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is coming, but today is NOW…you can’t change what happened yesterday, nor can you say what will happen tomorrow, so the best thing you can do is live for today
  • In life you need three things: Something to apply yourself to, something to escape to, and something to run to…apply yourself to what you have the greatest control of. Escape to what soothes you, and run to God lol
  • There is no point worrying about what is beyond your control. Even if you didn’t worry about it, it still wouldn’t change because it is not in your control lol…
  • Today is a new day…live like it is…
  • Live everyday like it’s your first….free from hurt, free from pain, free from anything, and pure in mind
  • Diligence is sanctified stubbornness
  • Certain things are not by force, and the forcing of them will cause unncessary hurt and frustration
  • The DFS sale will never end
  • and finally: don’t forget to live 🙂

Love you all…

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