I’m so selfish…

This one cuts me deep.

The other day I was on my way to work; I had roughly 10 minutes to get there and I was only round the corner. I came to a pedestrian stop and there was a blind lady on the other side of the road waiting to cross also. The green man came on with its signature beeps and I began to cross the road while watching her attempting to cross using her stick to navigate.

This is central Manchester, peak hours, and cars have stopped blocking the pedestrian crossing.

I got to the other side of the street only to glance over my shoulder to see her walk into a car that had stopped on the crossing, and frantically use her stick to try and feel around the car and cross safely before the beeping stopped.

I carried on walking…

Two seconds later, it hit me what I had done. A knot rose inside my stomach and my heart broke into a million pieces. Only my pride stopped me from kneeling down right there on the road and begging for forgiveness; inside I was a wreck.

All manner of scriptures about helping the less fortunate came to mind, and everything I’ve ever said about love confronted me head first; inside I was a wreck.

You know why Christ admonishes us so much to serve? Because we are ALL made in His image. Blind or seeing, crippled or not. We are all created in His likeness. Because we are exactly the same as those who don’t have the gift of sight or anything else. We are blind, mad, confused, crippled…but GOD…

He reaches out to us, takes our hand, gives us peace, gives us understanding, becomes our wheelchair…but GOD…

If God ever graces me with the opportunity to help someone else in her position, I pray to God I will….

Don’t let your selfishness and pride keep you from serving your neighbour…what you do for the least of men, you do for GOD!

I usually attach a picture to my blogs, but this one needs to sink in…

I Love You All!
–Scoop x


2nd July 2010 at 8:39 pm

Hey! I have been reading your blog entries and I have to say I’ve been really blessed. Most especially, I’ve been encouraged to spend more time with God DAILY! God bless you for your blog entries. Keep them coming!

8th July 2010 at 10:41 pm

I’m only just seeing this reply but thanks for the prayers in arrears 🙂

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