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So I’ve been saying I’m going to jump on this “blogging” thing for a while now…what better time to start than in the middle of exam revision…LOL…but anyway, Hello world! 🙂

Yesterday, i had an interesting experience that got me thinking of how my mind works. Having lived at uni for the past 3 weeks due to exam revision, I’m meeting and seeing a lot more people than I usually do, which is something that i’m still trying to get my head around. However yesterday, I was placed in a situation where i was in the presence of two different groups where the majority of people there, i didn’t know, and needless to say, i reacted differently each time. In the first, I was more comfortable, and my interactions were free-flowing, and in the second, i was rather “introvertive”. Anyone who knows me knows i like to think, so i did…lol…and these are my thoughts:

  • A lot of us fall into the trap of allowing people into our life because they have come into our environment. I always say “just because someone is a part of your environment, doesn’t mean they have to be a part of your life…

Within those two groups, i met some people who i would definitely like to communicate with again, and some that will perhaps just receive a smile from me next time…why…? because we naturally levitate to certain people…not because we’re better than them, but we just need to appreciate the fact that we have different goals, and mindsets, and values that will be more like water and oil than water and Robinsons…ya dig…?

Being a Christian, I would say that the reason for this is because there is something in that person that agrees with your spirit (if they are also Christians) or their secret longing or desire for “something more” meets with the “something more” that you already have lol…so obeying gravity in this sense will be inviting everyone into your life which is not always the smartest decision because with people comes stress, and drama..something i’m not necessarily a fan of, but Defying gravity would be to welcome all, but embrace the necessary…

i guess it goes down to what our parents have been telling us for aeons…choose your friends wisely…

you are created different, with a different mindset and different values…some people will share this, some people will not. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing. Never ignore the red flags that life throws at you…if you don’t like it now, at this stage, you probably still won’t like it in 3 months time…be honest with yourself: why do you feel the need to engage everyone you meet? what do some of these people actually add to your life? DO they add to your life…? lol

Obeying gravity will cause that all too familiar situation where you sit down a month later and are like “how did I get involved in all this drama!?!?!” or “why exactly am  friends with you again…?” two situations that I have learnt from on numerous occasions lol…

Obeying gravity means being on the same plane and field as everyone…direct links, direct association, direct free flow of flowingness…Defying gravity is rising above what isn’t you, the fakeness, the busy body-ness, the drama, the extra-ness and identifying yourself with like-minded-ness and beneficial-ness (i make up words all the time lol)

Even the bible encourages us saying “what fellowship does light have with darkness” and “by your fruits, you will know them”……

My conclusion: discover who you truly are, so you can decipher what you truly need….

Today, I’m defying gravity…..


10th December 2009 at 5:16 pm

this is so true… love the way you broke it down *kudos*

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