February Recap…

Short and sweet and sour month lol…February had a friendship theme….here’s what I learnt….:

  • Hard workers are not always smart workers, but smart workers are always hard workers…
  • Working hard will make you tired, working smart will make you productive
  • Each day is a new day, new grace, new mercy and new strength… receive it, hold on to it, use it…it won’t run over till tomorrow…..you get a new one then too…
  • What cannot be taught, must be learned
  • You can only not care about what you have disconnected your heart from…if home is where the heart is, then home can be a person, place, or thing…in my case, home is with my few closest friends
  • You can’t give everything to God until you’ve collected your pieces from everyone else
  • Adapt…don’t react…reacting to a situation is never better than adapting to a situation
  • Know the difference between your friends, your acquaintances and people who just so happen to be in your view.  Don’t mix their roles. Don’t handle a situation with an acquaintance the same way or to the same depths you would a friend, it will just get messy…everyman should abide in his “calling”
  • Too many of us are searching for unnecessary answers. We will never be satisfied because those answers lead to more questions…simply the situation. Understand where you are now instead of calculating the explosion of the situation tomorrow…
  • It’s OK to be afraid if the fear is based on wisdom…
  • When you meet a GOOD friend and your heart connects with them, it’s usually for a good purpose and specific reason…try not to let your walls and mental madness hinder a good thing…

Below is a REALLY REALLY good teaching on friendship from a practical (biblical) perspective…i encourage you all to watch it. It’s by one of my favorite pastors, Mark Driscoll:


I got a lot more wisdoms to share, but will do so in a later post…as for now, i’m going to have breakfast and get ready for university….

Love you all, and I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am lol 🙂

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