Embrace Your Past

Happy Easter!!!

**Update April 6th, 12:25pm: For all my Christians and theologians out there, please be clear that I am not advocating wallowing or being consumed by our past, and by no means am I contradicting scripture. The bible is clear on the point that we are to move on, heal, and press forward in life (Philippians 3:13).  The bible is also clear that we should focus on whatever things are good, lovely, of good report etc (Philippians 4:8). The bible’s clear message and stance is healing, repentance, and forgiveness and this is what I also mean by “embracing your past”. My video is about the fact that we can only move forward if we deal with the issues in our past, take them to the cross, and submit to God and His healing, redemptive and regenerative work in our hearts. I think a lot of the time we try and move on by ignoring our issues and without dealing with them, but that is not healing, and that is not allowing the power of the cross to free us. I hope this makes my stance a lot clearer?**

As mentioned in the video, I will write a supporting blog about this towards the end of the month, so subscribe to my blog to ensure you don’t miss it.

Thank you guys for all your support! I’m so encouraged that you keep tuning in and (hopefully) are liking what you are seeing and reading!

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