Best Christian Honeymoon Tips & Advice

So I’m back with an intentionally controversial title “Best Christian honeymoon tips & advice”.  I strongly believe that as Christians, there is always a “godly” way to do things. If we apply biblical principles to our lives, we see God’s kingdom here on here. Having recently gotten married, our honeymoon was such an amazing time of peace, rest, fun, and intimacy. We invited Christ into our honeymoon time though, and as we set that precedent, we are definitely seeing his kingdom in our marriage.

As a couple, my husband and I greatly believe in being intentional. We believe that as Christians, we are called to living a purposeful life in a biblical sense, and that means every interaction we have must be intentional and every opportunity “seized”. Going through the scriptures, I can firmly believe this is Christ’s example for us .

From the very beginning of our relationship, we have never played games with each other, and that was one of the things that made me fall for him, and now why I love him so much. Maybe I should do a video of the story of how me met? Our desire to emulate Christ and also be intentional has meant that we are a very organised couple, love to plan.

So what does this have to do with a Christian  honeymoon?

Be intentional about God during your honeymoon. Here are some tips and advice about how to have the best Christian honeymoon.

  1. Plan and create some space for God
    • Now here’s the real stuff. As Christians, we know that God has a clear plan for our lives and even coming together in marriage. Spend some time in prayer together asking the Lord for his plans and intentions for your marriage. Spend some time seeking his face together. Pray together at night, read the bible together and begin your spiritual journey together as a family. If you invite God into your marriage at the beginning, it will be easier to continue this habit. The best Christian honeymoon is one that includes Christ
  2. Write the vision and make it plain
    • We know God has a plan for our marriage. One night, before we went to sleep my husband and I decided to write down the vision for our marriage and commit it to God in prayer.  We labelled the sections “thing” and “our agreement” and it was simply a place to write down the things we wanted to see, or that God had spoken  to us and others about our union,  so we could continually pray and petition God about them. Honestly,  it is one of the most powerful and memorable moments of our honeymoon, because as we wrote and prayed over the list, we really felt the presence of God in our room. I am also please to say that God has been faithful in answering every prayer request we put on the list, and helping us to keep focused…It’s time for us to write a new list and watch God work again!
    • Here's the list we made in our hotel room whilst on honeymoon.
  3. Be physically intimate with each other at your own pace
    • I guess this point is obvious, but sex within marriage is a gift from God. Sex is not only about the pleasure of it, but sex is also powerful for unity, intimacy, healing, and growth when used as God intended. Don’t rush it. You don’t have to have sex on your wedding night! A lot of couples don’t! Go at your own pace and enjoy each others body!
  4. Rest
    • If your wedding process is as stressful as ours or other peoples, you will definitely need to SLEEP on your flight and whilst you are on honeymoon. Don’t honeymoon so hard that you return home needing a holiday from your holiday.
  5. Enjoy
    • This goes without saying, but don’t forget to plan your honeymoon budget into you wedding budget. You don’t want to go away and realise you can’t do all the things you want to during your honeymoon.

Hope this helps?

For more tips about being organised, check out my post “organise you life in one month”.

I’ll be writing a post about my honeymoon soon so look out for that too!





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