Be Kind

Hey guys,

This weeks post isn’t going to be anything deep or life breaking; instead I’m just sharing some basic human principles – be kind to people.

The more I go through life, the more I realise that a little bit of kindness can go a lot of way, and a lot of kindness can cross generations.

I think one bad thing about our current generation is that it has made us think too highly of ourselves; we can post and share how something made us feel in a matter of seconds so much so that situations that sometimes aren’t even about us, become about us.

This overindulgence with “self” has meant that a lot of now subconsciously have negative opinions about everyone else except ourselves, and treat others in ways that perfectly proves it.

Quite simply,

  • Think the best of people – everyone thinks the worst now, so everyone acts the worst
  • Treat others how you would want to be treated – in my job, I encounter people with mental health conditions which causes them to suffer from incontinence, yes, the smell of urine is strong, but if I was ill and lost control of my bodily functions, I would still want to be treated like a human.
  • Don’t try to be everyone’s saviour – most times, people just need a good ear and a hug
  • Don’t be to proud to genuinely listen to the perspectives of others, especially when there’s a recurring pattern being you in the wrong
  • Be kind to everyone, no one should feel like they don’t have a friend – there are too many people in the world so us to be suffering from so much loneliness
  • Ask someone what you can do to help them with the intention of actually helping them.

I challenge you all this week to befriend someone who you would usually turn your nose up at; listen to their story, and share yours with them

Much love, and thank you for tuning in every week guys!

Fatmohn Scoop

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