All You want for Christmas is ME…

So last night I was laying on my bed reflecting on my EXTREMELY busy weekend, and finally excited about getting some well deserved rest, when a thought came to mind; (talking to God) “….Lord, in 2010, I want to be your wife….”. At this point I paused, and decided to think about the statement that had just come from my lips in shock lol, and I began to logically breakdown the statement in my head.

The first word that came into my mind was “Serve” and I immediately got the picture of one of my uncle’s marriages. His wife is an amazing servant to him, it will almost make you feel sorry for her as a woman. He is the king of her castle and life, she even goes as far as not even allowing you in a certain dress into her house because she knows he will not approve of it. She won’t cook certain foods because he doesn’t eat them. Her life revolves around him. Her job in the home is taking care of the home and the kids, and she does this effortlessly and so gracefully! She genuinely delights in her position as “second to this awesome man”. I have lived with them before, and have NEVER heard them so much as had a disagreement, I’m sure they do, but that stays in the privacy of their bedroom. It is so obvious she loves and respects him with every ounce of her body, and he adores every microgram of DNA she has been bestowed with….

Now flip this in relation to being a “wife” to Christ. I am His servant. He is my King. At a Christmas dinner I was able to minister at over the weekend, one of my mentors said this: “…the phrase “No Lord” doesn’t make sense. Lord means master, and how can you tell your master no…? he OWNS you…” Imagine a slave telling their master no back in the slave days………..

Christ requires my untainted, undivided service for Him.

The difference between a wife and a fiancée, is a fiancée can still play games. She can still manipulate her actions to in a sense “show what she wants to be seen”. I feel a lot of us still are TRYING (because God see’s through our games) to take this approach with God. With a wife, the front only lasts for 2 days lol…you LIVE with this person, so how can such games be played?

In 2009, I definitely played a fiancée role. I tried on many occasions to fool Christ, giving Him the parts of me that I was comfortable with Him seeing or having. 2009 was about my “comfortability”, how much I could bear, how much of me I could handle and cope with…

And I can hear some guys out there saying “but I’m a guy though”. Love your wife as Christ loves the Church. The church is the wife of Christ. Until you become a wife to Christ, you won’t understand how to love your wife as Christ intended.

One of the songs we ministered on sunday was “I will give you ALL my worship….” worship/adoration/service/respect/idolization/devotion/admiration/emotion…….wow…I must do this is 2010

2010 may be your year of increase, or breakthrough or uncommon miracles…..but it will be my year of serving my King as He intended me to in Jesus Name!…

(shameless plugging: by the way, the link for the song we ministered on sunday is )

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys…I genuinely love you all…


John Akinduro
31st December 2009 at 11:31 am

You blew my mind. You reminded me of the introduction statement of 2 Peter 1:1 “Simon Peter a servant and apostle of Jesus Chriest”. Peter introduced himself first as a servant and then an apostle. You cannot be a successful apostle of God without first be His obedient servant. We are not only a servant of God by creation, but also by redemption. We have been bought by the precious blood of the lamb that was shed on Calvary – “and ye are not your own; for ye are bought with a price:” 1 Cor. 6:19-20. I love to considered myself too as a wife of the Lord in 2010.

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