A Little End of Year Encouragement 2016 

So in my final official post of 2016, I wanted to take the time to share some encouragement with you all.

This can sometimes be a bitter sweet time in the year. Some people are very excited that Christmas is coming to celebrate all their successes this year; others are excited because Christmas is coming and they can finally have something to celebrate this year.

In this YouTube video, I share a few points and scriptures that I hope are a source of encouragement for you all!


Here’s the summary of my points:

  1. You’re victorious – You’ve made it this far, and that proves you’re a winner!
  2. Physical and Spiritual seasons sometimes differ, so don’t feel bummed out if it’s the end of 2016. God is still bigger and greater than your problems
  3. Surrender to God’s will but ALSO to His time
  4. Serve the Lord – never stop serving because you’re going through a tough time
  5. Hold on to God’s word & promises – These will get you through the tough times



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